Best GD/SRT Coaching in Allahabad



After clearing the X & Y group written exam you have to appear for the Phase-2nd selection process. In this Phase 2 you have to go through the GD/SRT Test. Here I am going to tell you the best GD/SRT Classes to join for sure selection. You can Join GD/SRT Class at Trishakti Defence Classes which is the best coaching Institute in defence sector. Lets See the detailed process of Joining GD/SRT Classes.

Join Best Airforce X & Y GD SRT Classes

Anyone can join the IAF X and Y GD/SRT classes for the upcoming examination in three Ways-

  • Online Classes on TDC Online Plateform.
  • By Books.
  • Join GD/SRT Test Series.

GD/SRT Round is not a easy you need a proper guidance to clear this round so join TDC and Clear the Exam.

  1. Unlimited access of live classes till 1 year.
  2. Recorded video, Notes ,Online Test Series.
  3. Doubt counter facility available.
  4. Hindi and English Medium batch available.
  5. Experiance Faculty

You can buy the best books for the GD/SRT round. If you have completed the syllabus by online class then start reading with books and solve some questions of SRT. These books is specially made for the X and Y group students who have cleared the written examination. These books is prepared by the best defence faculty at Trishakti Defence Classes

To clear GD you need very good preparation because they can give you any topic, there is no any particular field. It can be from history, geography, defence-related news. So you have to prepare all the current topic related to everything. You can prepare that from internet,  books, newspaper or you can buy GD, SRT book from Trishakti Defence Classes which has all the topics related to GD/SRT, you can prepare so well from this book.

Test series/mock test is a very important part of preparation. After completing the syllabus you need to practice the question related to the GD/SRT. TDC Test series is designed based on the real exam. To solve some mock tests before appearing in the examination, it will help you to understand the pattern and syllabus. So just join the Mock test of SRT.

Group Discussion or GD Tips & Tricks

  • For this round, you should have good knowledge about current affairs topics. Prepare various types of topics and be aware of things happening around you. To gain your knowledge, read the newspaper, magazines, and competitive exams books. Last minute preparation will not help here.
  • You should be a good leader. Share your thoughts in a positive way. It is not important to start first, but you should speak and make your point well. Give examples or supportive statements to prove your points. Never get into an augment.
  • Be relevant. When you speak, you should be specific and to the point. If possible, emphasise your points with facts and figures.
  • This is the most important GD tips. Be a good listener. It is important to give others a chance to speak. If someone is making an eye-contact, acknowledge him by nodding your head.
  • Do not be a part of the fish market. During GD rounds, you might face a situation when everyone is speaking on something and no one is hearing. At that time, it would be beneficial to keep quiet.

Situation Reaction Test or SRT Tips & Tricks

  • Listen to the instructors carefully.
  • Time is very important in this round, so, use all the punctuations to make your answer as short and specific as possible.
  • Do not skip any situation.
  • Do not make incomplete sentences as it might show a lack of responsibility. Keep your sentence as short and meaningful as possible.
  • Do not forget your ethical values towards society.
  • React quickly and be natural. Try to write responses that come to your mind first.

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